Install MonsterVPN on Windows 10

  1. Download the Windows installer from this link РThis guide is shown using the Microsoft Edge browser. Some steps may be slightly different if you use an alternative browser. Once the installer has downloaded, click the Run button as shown below:
  2. You may see a Windows SmartScreen prompt come up. Click the More Info link, then click Run Anyway:
  3. Go through the Installer as shown:

  4. Once the installer is complete, either double click the MonsterVPN icon on your desktop, or open your Start Menu and click MonsterVPN. If you get a prompt asking if you want to run MonsterVPN, click Yes or Run. You will then be shown the Logon screen. Enter your email address and the password from your welcome email and click the Login button. Alternatively you can find your password by going to MonsterVPN Website -> My Account -> VPN Account Details.
  5. At this point you will be logged into the MonsterVPN application, and will see a section ‘Select a Server’. Pick the server you would like to connect to. You will also notice a tick box ‘Reconnect On Disconnect’. This box ensures that if the connection is lost, MonsterVPN will automatically reconnect to the server to ensure your privacy is protected. It is strongly recommended to tick this box. Click the Connect button and you will see the status changing from Disconnected¬†to Connecting, then to Connected.